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What is the best kitchen scale? The top 10 best digital scales with 0.1-gram accuracy scales are discussed in this article. All digital kitchen scales on the market provide similar functions, and many are reasonably priced. Choosing among them may be easier than it looks, as long as you know what type of cook you are and what the scale needs to perform.

At a bare minimum, every digital scale will weigh in grams and ounces and include a “tare” function that allows you to weigh out one item and then reset the scale to zero so that you may weigh out another ingredient, and so on.

If you are a casual or occasional cook who just needs to weigh dry materials and is content to measure out wet components in a measuring jug, a simple budget scale may suffice.
However, if you want to be more precise with all of your components, opt for a scale that measures in milliliters as well as fluid ounces (some also have separate settings for milk and water).

Serious home chefs will want to consider a digital scale that can correctly measure small quantities, even fractions of a gram, so they can follow recipes for charcuterie and spice blends, as well as certain sophisticated bread and baking recipes that require tiny amounts of yeast and salt.

You should also consider practical factors such as size – too little and you may have difficulty finding a bowl to weigh in that does not cover the display panel, too large and the scale will be difficult to store. It’s also important to think about how the scale’s design affects how simple it is to maintain cleanliness.

Finally, you must consider how important appearance is to you. Some of the greatest performing scales are also the type of thing you’ll want to hide away as soon as you’re done, but other more aesthetic scales may not provide all of the utility you’re looking for. These are the best professional kitchen scales that lived up to our expectations out of the ones we tested.

1. Best Overall: Oxo Stainless Steel Food Scale


The measuring display panel on this user-friendly kitchen scale comes out, removing any shadows generated by looming dishes. The display folds back into place for easy storage. This instrument delivers utmost precision with a zeroing function and unit conversion keys ranging from 0.1 ounces to one metric gram and more.

Simply weigh any object by placing a piece of parchment paper or your favorite bowl immediately on top of the stainless steel platform. When finished, wipe down the surface and store it. Don’t be concerned about squandering the battery. It has an automated 30-minute shut-off feature that helps to extend the life of the four AA batteries within.

2. Best Value: Escali Primo Digital Food Scale


The Escali Primo digital scale is a simple, long-lasting, and precise option for any kitchen. A simple two-button operating mechanism and a sealed control panel make cleaning a breeze. To prevent accidental spills, the display and controls are protected by a shield. Tare allows you to reset the scale to zero, allowing you to deduct the weight of the container or add numerous components to any measurement. The scale features a four-minute auto-shut down option that can assist extend battery life, so keep that in mind while creating lengthier dishes.

3. Best Splurge: Zwilling Enfinigy 22lb Digital Food Scale


This modern kitchen sale was designed by Italy’s famous Matteo Thun Milano studio and engineered by the professionals at Zwilling in Germany. It’s small and portable, but it can weigh enormous amounts, up to 22 pounds, incredibly precisely. Weigh the food immediately on its surface or on parchment paper. While the glass top is easy to clean with a moist cloth or sponge, it might break if struck with a heavy dish, so use caution when weighing. A dwide glass-topped weighing area with an LCD display makes it simple to view digital figures regardless of what’s on the scale. When switched off, the display turns dark, although it does come with a USB cord for charging.

4. Best Digital Scale: KitchenAid Glass Digital Scale


If you use a KitchenAid stand mixer or hand mixer to make batter and whip frosting, this digital scale should be the next baking item you purchase. This scale is simple to operate and read, with a bright, illuminated LCD and turning knob reminiscent of KitchenAid’s countertop electric ovens. While the scale may be turned off, it will shut down automatically after three minutes of inactivity. For optimal results, wipe it down with a moist cloth or towel and then dry it. It can carry up to 11 pounds, however it must be cleaned before use. There are three AAA batteries supplied.

5. Best Round Scale: Ozeri Pronto


This little scale is a terrific deal and couldn’t be easier to use, store, or clean. It translates between grammes, pounds, ounces, and millilitres with the touch of a button and features a separate tare button to zero out any measurement. Capable of weighing items in increments of 0.05 ounces or one gramme up to 11.24 pounds (or 5,100 grammes). This version has been modified by Ozeri with a bigger weighing platform to accommodate more ingredients, yet it still has a tiny footprint. It is available in a range of hues.

6. Best Waterproof Scale: Williams Sonoma Tare Waterproof Scale


William From a tiny, stylish appearance to high-tech capabilities, Sonoma’s Tare Waterproof Scale offers everything you’d expect in a food scale. It allows you to precisely weigh items in any unit of measurement, including ounces, fluid ounces, grammes, and millilitres. The high-resolution LCD display is easy to read no matter how much flour is in your eyes, and the tare button has a touch-free setting. You may also level the monitor with a simple sweep of your hand. The glass top is simple to clean and sterilise, and the waterproof body makes washing down the scale simple.

7. Best Scale with Bowl: Cuisinart Stainless Steel Bowl Scale


This Cuisinart scale combines the best of both worlds: a tempered glass weighing platform and a fitted stainless steel bowl with gradient markings. The bowl even inverts to completely conceal the base on the tabletop and has its own batteries. The extra-large LCD screen can display weights in either US or metric units, and changing from ounces to grammes is as simple as a click. The tempered glass plate is simple to clean and can be removed after completed.

8. Best Utility Kitchen Scale


If you need to weigh hefty bags of ingredients, a utility-scale like this one from Rubbermaid with a capacity of 150 pounds is required. “This is a tough scale for all the heavy weighing,” Chinn explains. “The top is textured, allowing containers to stay in place.” The display pad includes a 9-foot wire that allows it to be wall-mounted, and it has straightforward controls for zeroing, toggling between pounds and kilogrammes, and turning the scale on and off. Furthermore, the scale may be powered by either an AC outlet or a 9-volt battery.

9. Best Pocket Kitchen Scale


Hollingsworth keeps a pocket scale on hand for measuring out little amounts of powders or spices, and this top-rated option from Weigh Gram is great. It also measures in.01-gram increments and has a maximum capacity of 100 grammes. Furthermore, the scale is only 3×5 inches in size, making it small enough to fit in a drawer or your backpack when travelling.

10. Best Analog Kitchen Scale


You may keep things simple with an analogue kitchen scale, such as this popular model from Escali. The vintage scale has a gleaming stainless steel casing and a wide, easy-to-read dial that displays kilos and pounds. It has a maximum weight capacity of 11 pounds and, best of all, no batteries are required.


How To Choose A Kitchen Scale


Accuracy is the most crucial function of any scale. While most cooks eyeball cups and teaspoons on a daily basis, some jobs demand dependably exact measures. Keeping ingredients within the maximum weight is an important strategy to preserve precision. Excessive weight might throw off the internal balance and need a complete recalibration of the machine. Test your scale before each usage, and maintain the batteries fully charged at all times, as low power can cause machine inconsistency.

Ease of Use

An excellent scale is one that you will use repeatedly. This frequently means that certain qualities will be more significant than others. In addition to thing features like motion sensor tare functions, newer models with LCD panels might be useful. An illuminated panel, as well as a single-click unit change button, can improve visibility. Determine if you want precise decimals or if fractions will suffice. Many models provide both.

Care and Cleaning

While a clean and sterile scale is ideal, experts recommend covering the base with parchment paper or plastic wrap. This not only helps to keep the surface clean but also makes transferring components simpler. Some sections may be detachable, however washing the scale down with a moist cloth or sponge usually suffices. When storing your scale, it is best to stack it vertically. Objects cannot mistakenly rest on the scale, causing it to go out of balance and provide erroneous results. If the figures don’t appear right, it’s probably time to change the batteries.


Which kitchen scales are most accurate?

The Escali Primo Digital Scale is the most cheap scale for most home baking and culinary applications. It was one of the quickest and most accurate scales we tested, with one of the longest auto-off times we’d observed.

What scales are the most accurate?

Analyzer scales are the most accurate, providing a thorough assessment of your body’s composition – some on our list can measure up to 17 distinct variables.

Are all kitchen scales accurate?

It all comes down to what is most important to you. Most kitchen scales are straightforward to use and generally accurate, but mechanical scales are a good option if you want something that doesn’t require batteries. Consider digital scales if you want precise, easy-to-read measurements.

How do I choose a digital kitchen scale?

Check user reviews and ask other cooks which brands are the most precise. Ease of Use: “You want a detachable, easy-to-clean top,” explains Callaghan. Consider the scales’ imprints as well. Choose ones that take up little prep room on kitchen worktables and can be readily moved for cleanup.

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