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IoT Security Camera- Things to kept in mind before buying

IoT Security Camera

In this blog (IoT Security Camera- Things to kept in mind before buying) basic tips will be explained that you must know before buying an IoT security camera before let’s learn about IoT.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology that connects everyday objects to the internet. The Internet of Things (IoT) improves your home comforts significantly. You can have your coffee ready for when you get up and your oven to heat up your meal for when you go home by using smart devices that link to the internet. You can use your smartphone to adjust the temperature and air quality, lock the doors, and even keep a watch on the property while you’re gone.

However, the Internet of Things also means that your refrigerator, coffee maker, heating system, and automobile all save personal data. Every IoT gadget that is linked is a data collector. So, unless you want everyone to know how you spend your life, you’ll need to safeguard each gadget. You must protect your network, but you must also guarantee that there are no weak links in the network by ensuring the security of each individual device.

14 things you must consider before purchasing an IoT security camera.

There are several different models available on the market today. Each model will vary based on its features and price point. So, here are some things to keep in mind when choosing between them.

1. Resolution

The most crucial and fundamental aspect of a camera is its resolution. After all, even for simple security applications, you must select a camera with a relatively good resolution since you do not want distorted or highly blurry photos or videos. If you need to recognize faces in a video, you must be able to see them well. Furthermore, high definition (HD) is now rather popular, widely available, and reasonably priced. In terms of resolution, 1080p is the most popular option.

2. Frame rate

A frame rate of at least 15 frames per second (fps) is required for smooth motion in videos. Smooth video is less prone to motion blur, which can diminish information even on high-resolution cameras. Choose a video surveillance camera with 24 fps or greater, such as Google’s Nest cameras, for results similar to what you would expect from a TV.

3. Number of channels

When shopping for a digital IOT camera, it’s important to consider the number of channels that the camera offers. The number of channels refers to the number of colors that the camera can capture. More channels mean more colors, which can result in more accurate and realistic images. However, more channels also mean more data, which can lead to larger file sizes. Therefore, it’s important to find a balance between the number of channels and the file size that you’re comfortable with.

4. Storage capacity

You won’t be able to reap the benefits of security cameras if they don’t have adequate storage. Some may have built-in hard drives, while others may include slots for external storage devices such as a micro SD card.

Are you using a wired CCTV camera? Connect it to a PC with enough storage space. Check to see whether you can utilize external hard drives, and micro SD cards, or instantaneously upload to a cloud network if you use a wireless camera.

If you rely on a wireless connection and cloud storage, ensure sure your Internet connection is consistent. Furthermore, your cameras must be within range or they will continuously fail to upload video files.

5. Wi-Fi connectivity

Not everyone, believe it or not, utilizes the Internet. According to the Pew Research Center, 10% of Americans do not use the Internet in 2019. However, whether or not you have Wi-Fi in your house, you may find a working security camera.

Most security cameras are WiFi-enabled these days, which means they have a matching app that allows us to livestream footage, receive motion or person-activated notifications, and remotely manage our camera. This transformed our home surveillance from local to remote; we could view what was going on at home from anyplace in the globe that had Wi-Fi. We propose obtaining a smart security camera, which is connected to the Internet, for the most thorough monitoring.

6. Video quality

If you’re looking to buy a security camera, it’s important to check the video quality before making your purchase. There are a few things you’ll want to look for when checking the video quality of a security camera, including the resolution, frame rate, and image sensor.

The resolution of a security camera is important because it will determine how clear the images are that the camera captures. A higher resolution means that the images will be clearer, while a lower resolution will result in grainier, less detailed images.

The frame rate is also important to consider when checking the video quality of a security camera. A higher frame rate means that the camera will capture more frames per second, resulting in smoother, more realistic video. However, a higher frame rate will also use more bandwidth, so it’s important to find a balance that works for your needs.

Finally, the image sensor is another factor to consider when assessing the video quality of a security camera.

7. Night vision

Even for basic purposes, it is always preferable to have a security camera with night vision. After all, that’s when you need the most protection, and your cameras should be on alert all night. Most smart cameras offer night vision settings that switch on and off automatically based on the amount of natural light available.

8. Motion detection

Things are picking up speed. Everything, from smartphones to computers, is about rapid processing, so why should security cameras be any different? Although the speed of the security camera is mainly reliant on Wi-Fi strength and speed, it is critical that the camera has an active, rapid, and reliable motion detection capability as well as the ability to notify users on their smartphone as soon as it detects any activity around it. The same is true for video doorbells, which are essentially built for the same purpose.

9. Pan/tilt function

Modern CCTV cameras can spin horizontally and vertically to cover a wide area. The largest horizontal angle that a CCTV camera can spin is known as Pan, while the maximum vertical angle is known as tilt. Some of the greatest CCTV cameras, such as the Sricam SP005 SP Series, can pan and tilt up to 355 degrees. Certain CCTV cameras’ applications may be able to rotate them remotely. If you wish to watch a vast area of three-dimensional space, a CCTV camera with a larger pan/tilt range is required.

10. Audio recording

When you’re looking for a security camera, it’s important to check the audio recording capabilities before you buy. Many cameras include audio recording as a standard feature, but there are some that don’t. If you’re looking for a camera to use for home security, you’ll want to make sure that the camera you choose has audio recording capabilities.

If you’re looking for a security camera to use for business purposes, you may not need audio recording capabilities. However, if you want the option to listen in on what’s going on at your business, you’ll want to choose a camera that has audio recording capabilities.

No matter what your needs are, it’s important to check the audio recording capabilities of any security camera you’re considering before you make your purchase. Audio recording can be a valuable tool in keeping your property safe and secure.

11. Smart Cameras

Smart connection is one of the most current security camera characteristics to look for. A smart camera allows you to control and manage it regardless of where you are by using a smartphone app.

Of course, this requires that both your phone and the cameras have a robust Internet connection. You may see video footage in real time using a phone app.

You can move the camera, speak over the camera’s speakers, and alter the primary settings using the controls on your phone (such as disabling the motion sensors or night vision).

The biggest advantage is that you can manage your phone from anywhere in the world. Do you suspect that someone is following you about your house? Start the app, open the camera, and have a look!

12. Inbuilt Hotspot

A CCTV camera’s built-in hotspot allows users to watch the live feed on their smartphone without the requirement for internet Wi-Fi. However, this only works within a certain distance from the camera. Because they feature an antenna, these cameras are easily identified. This is a useful feature to have in CCTV cameras put in small businesses and shopping malls. Managers can monitor different areas of the floor without needing to connect to the internet.

13. Is it Waterproof?

Waterproofing is required for outdoor CCTV cameras. Waterproof CCTV cameras are ideal for monitoring the area in front of your store, home, or any other outside place. If the camera is not waterproof it would be damaged by rainwater as water will corrupt its integral parts and it would not work properly. So make sure that it must be waterproof.

14. In-built alarm system

When purchasing a security camera, seek for one with an in-built alarm feature. This enhances the likelihood of preventing a thief or robber from breaking into your home while you are sleeping. The in-built alarm system will be activated when it recognized some unwanted sounds or motion and will produce sounds. This feature is very helpful for reminding you of the availability of thieves while you are sleeping or present in any part of your home you will hear the sound and will call the police.

Begin Purchasing Home Security Cameras

Purchasing security cameras might appear to be a difficult task. There are several technical words to learn, features to understand, and maintenance procedures to follow. However, the following 14 recommendations can assist you in selecting the best ones for your budget.


What features to look for in security cameras?

  • Security Camera Features to Look For
  • Activation of Fast Motion. You want a camera that performs quickly and without hesitation.
  • Simple Smartphone App.
  • Vision at night.
  • Audio in both directions.
  • Storage for video.
  • Viewing angle.
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ)
  • Connectivity in an emergency.

How do I choose an IP security camera?

Look for the following characteristics:

  • IP protocols are supported. Ascertain that the camera supports the ONVIF and RTSP protocols.
  • Power-over-Ethernet.
  • Check that it supports the 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet standard as well as the 802.3at PTZ camera standard.
  • Weatherproofing.
  • Resolution.
  • Infrared.
  • On-board memory.
  • Wireless.

What are the top 7 types of CCTV security cameras to suit your requirements?

  • Camera Dome Dome cameras are the most affordable form of security camera and are intended for indoor installation.
  • Cameras of the Bullet Type
  • Camera with a C-mount
  • CCTV camera with day/night vision.
  • CCTV Camera with Infrared/Night Vision.
  • Cameras with varifocal lenses.
  • Wireless cameras are available.

How does IoT work in security surveillance?

IoT technology improves video surveillance capabilities. Smart cameras and linked apps can interpret visual data without the need for human interaction, paving the way for the adoption of several automated operations. It is critical to secure these cameras if they are to perform to their maximum capacity.

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